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Tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt and the Coptic Church: Two D.C.-Area Lectures

The Washington, D.C.-area Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) and Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) will be hosting the lectures “Visualizing the Afterlife: Monumental Tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt” (March 12) and “A History of the Coptic Church” (March 16) next week. Not in the D.C. area? BAS offers a wide range of travel/study programs in the United States and across the globe.

tomb-painting1 On Wednesday, March 12 at 8:00, University of Maryland professor Marjorie Venit will deliver the lecture “Visualizing the Afterlife: Monumental Tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt.” The Greek conquest of Egypt in 331 BCE and subsequent Roman hegemony resulted in intellectual interaction far beyond that permitted by former Egyptian-Greek relationships. Greeks brought their own ideas of death and afterlife, but they recognized the authority of Egypt. Concurrently, Egyptians had lost some of their earlier eschatological self-confidence after suffering centuries of foreign rule. The confluence of these cultures resulted in the development of new and enriched visualizations of death and afterlife.

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