Dreadnoughtus, the gigantic sauropod dinosaur

Dreadnoughtus is a genus of giant titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous, discovered in the (Campanian-Maastrichtian; 84–66 Ma) Cerro Fortaleza Formation of Santa Cruz province, Argentina. It is one of the largest of all known terrestrial vertebrates, possessing the greatest mass of any land animal that can be calculated with reasonable certainty, using limb bone measurements. In terms of skeletal completeness and ability to encode its anatomy into cladistic analyses, Dreadnoughtus schrani is the most complete gigantic titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur (Wikipedia).
They named the dinosaur “Dreadnoughtus”, which translates to “fears nothing.”

Last year, scientists have discovered this supermassive dinosaur species with the most complete skeleton ever found of its type, and it might be the world’s largest terrestrial animal, as you can see his size in the pictures hreunder:

Dreadnoughtus size

Dreadnoughtus- size

With a height of 85 feet,  and weighing about 65 tons which is equal to 59,300 Kg!!
Professor Kenneth Lacovara, an associate professor in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, who discovered the Dreadnoughtus fossil skeleton in southern Patagonia in Argentina and led the excavation and analysis. “It weighed as much as a dozen African elephants or more than seven T. rex. Shockingly, skeletal evidence shows that when this 65-ton specimen died, it was not yet full grown. It is by far the best example we have of any of the most giant creatures to ever walk the planet.”

To better visualize the skeletal structure of Dreadnoughtus, Lacovara’s team digitally scanned all of the bones from both dinosaur specimens. They have made a “virtual mount” of the skeleton that is now publicly available for download from the paper’s open-access online supplement as a three-dimensional digital reconstruction.


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